Series of spray coating is according to the different conditions of use, selecting the high quality raw materials, add the unique bond and other admixture....

Blast Furnace Anhydrous Stemming with high quality high alumina clinker, silicon carbide and clay as main raw materials, introducing of special additives and combined with composite binder...

Dry Type Vibrating Materials is not add any liquid, it is mixed with all kinds of composite sintering agent, after reasonable grading, obtain the compact construction body which can be used directly after baking without maintenance....


2015 10.13

Application of Ceramic Fiber Materials

The service life of ceramic fiber in the kiln and the firing atmosphere are closely related, in the oxidizing flame
2015 10.13

Advanced Technology and Quality Control

From the outside, the use of ceramic kiln refractory products, it is clean and neat, neat degree is high, shows the
2015 10.13

The Quality Control of Kiln Refractory Materials

Refractory material is the most important auxiliary material to ensure improved efficiency of ceramic firing kiln.

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2015 10.20

Refractories for New Kiln Wall

At present, the roller kiln and shuttle kiln, refractory products widely used, the use of lightweight materials and
2015 10.20

Unshaped Refractory Binder

According to the chemical properties of organic and inorganic binder.
2015 10.13

Energy Saving and Low Heat Accumulation Kiln Car

In the design and production of modern ceramic kiln, new energy saving and low heat accumulation kiln car due to th